Bret Brase

Bret Brase is a Managing Director at Progress Partners, joining the company in 2016. Bret has built his 20 year career in Media, Technology, Marketing, Entertainment and Data with deep experience in Ad and Media Tech ecosystem for MarTech, AdTech and Commerce. He was senior management of two IPOs, and principal two companies to strategic investors.

Prior to Progress Partners, Bret was President of privately funded, Tagger Media, a social data company, Head of corporate strategy and data partnerships at Clypd, CEO at Tango Media Systems, and President of GameTrust, a casual games distributor that was sold to Real Networks. Before GameTrust, Bret was Head of Broadband Content and Corp Dev at Yahoo! during the acquisition.

Bret graduated with an Economics degree from Indiana University in 1985 and MS in Advanced Data Analytics at Thomas Edison State College.


(912) 202-4388