Channel Futures: Cybersecurity M&A: Creating Rough Seas in the Channel

M&A has resulted in a sea change in the cybersecurity channel, creating both opportunities and challenges for partners.

As with every other technology segment in the ICT channel, cybersecurity is setting records for M&A.

The pandemic-fueled exodus to cloud-based operations for remote access created a similar trajectory for cybersecurity. As a result, cybersecurity companies are a hot commodity these days. That presents channel partners with tremendous opportunities. As vendors are acquired and merged, products are likely to be revamped. More than ever, clients will need channel partners’ expertise in deploying cybersecurity systems as well as keeping current as new challenges appear.

At the same time, channel partners are confronting challenges of their own. M&A events frequently are accompanied by the total revamping of channel partner programs. How much disruption will this cause? Will key program elements remain intact?

In this report, we enlist the help of industry insiders and thought leaders to examine the reasons behind all the M&A activity in the channel, its impact and how the cybersecurity channel is dealing with the changes.

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Published via: Channel Futures