Progress Partners’ Newest EIR, Jamie West on Building Value for the Digital Future

Jamie West, an EIR at Progress Partners shares how he is building value for the digital future.

Jamie has been a friend of Progress for some time, but formally joined the team as an EIR in 2020. He has spent more than 30 years working for corporates but found investing in a real variety of businesses to be an exciting shift. He finds that these businesses are solving real-world challenges in the areas he has operated in in the past i.e. TV/Video/Advertising/Data/Tech/Automation.

Prior to Progress, Jamie led Sky?s Advanced Advertising drive, analytics tools to prove the efficacy of TV and Video, and the explosion of growth in Video. Looking back, he would have worked harder to persuade competitors to collaborate more and create a united stand against Social Video and promote the Power of TV. He strongly believes that true cross-platform measurement should be accelerated globally and whilst there are some great initiatives in the UK and North America, TV Companies and Platforms need to proactively engage.

In the TV and wider Advertising sector, he anticipates identity and privacy being major areas that will need to be super-served. He forecasts Google will disrupt the sector with its self-serving policies unless there is greater collaboration and investment.

Jamie shares a bit about how his interest in Media and Tv Advertising truly came to be, ?I gave a lift home from a village pub to a Sales Director of one of the ITV companies who had overindulged, the next morning when he couldn?t find his car or his car keys was the beginning of a 25-year friendship as I picked him up at the agreed time to take him back to the pub for Sunday lunch drinks! I ended up joining his company as a grad.?

Becoming an EIR introduced Jamie to new areas of opportunity, new people, and a fantastic network of EIR?s who are a huge asset to Progress.

We at Progress are thrilled to have Jamie West be a part of our team!

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