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Progress Partners is a boutique investment firm based in Boston and New York City providing financial advisory services to companies in media, marketing, advertising, and software.

While a myriad of solutions sit at the feet of CMOs, marketing budget lines have fragmented significantly. Yet, at the core of these changes is some of the most advanced technology and software ever developed. As quickly as we've seen the world of marketing automation explode, the market is now collapsing.

Comprehensive big data solutions have begun to coalesce with consumer behavior; the marketplace is primed to fundamentally change the way that businesses and consumers interact and maintain relationships. Trends toward personalization generate novel experiences in real-time for brands and their followers; through a constant stream of information marketers are now able to obtain constant interaction with consumers.

It’s not just understanding return on investment from an incremental Like or Follow or View. These actions often become awash in a world bereft of comprehensive strategy, but emerging platforms track and analyze much more effectively than ever before and began to layout comprehensive views into consumer and customer engagement. Ultimately, the plethora of data collected on each individual company and its consumers offers a cheaper, more holistic approach to the market.

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