Sanjay Puri

Sanjay Puri has been a founder and senior executive for the past 25+ years. He spent most of his career in the FinTech and traditional media sectors and has also been involved in a variety of businesses types from software, digital and subscription to B2B, B2C, and AI/data analytics.

Sanjay has raised $500mn+ in capital and successfully started and run three businesses. He has developed a sense of expertise in payment processors, identity management, and exhibitor relationships, plus he has an Extensive rolodex of Family Office and investor relationships.

Sanjay is the Founder of 207 Consulting Inc., a company that works with early and later stage fintech, media, software and subscription companies as CFOs, COOs, Corp Dev, and special advisors. He was recently the Chief Strategy Officer, CFO and COO at MoviePass where he restructured the business and then formulated and oversaw the successful sale of the Company. Prior to that Sanjay was the Founder and Portfolio Manager at Sankofa Capital where he launched and oversaw a Long/Short Equity Hedge Fund focused on Technology, Media and Telecom.

Sanjay currently resides in New York and earned a MBA in Finance and Investment Management from Columbia Business School.