Scott Kelliher

Scott Kelliher is a sales, strategy, and business development executive with a track record of building partnerships that drive revenue growth.  Scott spent most of his career in revenue strategy, sales leadership, AdTech, O&O, and Digital publishers, but has been involved in a telecommunications.

He has raised in excess of $150M in angel, venture capital and private equity and has successfully exited 5 businesses.  He has developed a keen sense of expertise in building and driving the growth phase of businesses and for leveraging M&A to accelerate growth.

He is a founding member of the High Growth CEO Forum, and active member of the Boston CEO Club, a member of the Turnaround Management Association, a former adjunct Graduate School Professor, and a board member on several private company Boards. Most recently he served as President in Sales and Marketing in Time Inc. Previously, he was VP Industry Lead in Tech & Telecommunications at Yahoo, and Chief Development Officer at AOL.

Scott Kelliher resides in New York, and he earned an B.A. degree from Bates College.