Progress Connect Webinar Series – Business Growth Hacking: The Future of Sports Media

The Progress Connect Webinar Series hosted the third episode of Season 2: Business Growth Hacking on June 11th to discuss The Future of Sports Media. (Watch the webinar recording above).

The webinar features the following executives:

  • Raleigh Anne Gray, Sr. Director – Athlete Exchange, Wasserman

  • Ray Roberts, Director Unified Champion Schools – Urban Development, Special Olympics

  • Scott Singer, EVP Strategy, Partnerships & Corporate Development, Whistle

  • Brian Verne, CEO, WAVE

  • Moderator: Gretchen Tibbits, Managing Director, Progress Partners



About the webinar series:

For the past four years Progress Partners and Progress Ventures have built up our annual event, Progress Connect, as a gathering of great magnitude with executives, investors and leaders from the Progress Partners and Progress Ventures network. Now faced with a fundamental shift in life as we know it, both in the near and long term, we have determined that it is not prudent for us to schedule such an event this year.

Rather, we see great opportunity to bring together leading minds to discuss and deliver perspective, provocation, and guidance for all to hear. Progress Connect is continuing the ?going virtual? concept with a second season of webinars focused on Business Growth Hacking – designed to bring elevated thought and conversation around key subjects.

The continued Business Growth Hacking webinar series schedule is as follows:

  • June 18th ? Corp. Dev. Tales from the Buy-Side

  • June 25th ? Exploring TV Production Innovation

Watch all the recordings from this season (and last season) here.

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