Who We Are and Our History

Progress Partners is a corporate finance and M&A advisory firm working with emerging Internet and digital technology companies within media, marketing, and advertising sectors, that serve SMB through Enterprise. Through a team of fifteen, supported by a network of close advisors, EIRs, and ‘seasonal talent,' our deep industry experience, extensive network, and entrepreneurial backgrounds give us the ability to help our clients build and realize superior value.

Since 2002, Progress Partners has aimed to work with exceptional entrepreneurial teams on solutions for growth. As former founders, investors, and operators, we strive to take an extra-ordinary approach to the process of advising management teams and boards on how to attract capital or pursue sale. We try to design a process that is custom to every client and what they are after — thinking through and evaluating all elements of operations, business model, sales strategy, client diversification, partnership formation, talent acquisition, and marketing.

We primarily support technology companies in pursuing M&A sales, but have worked on all kinds of transactions related to minority or majority offerings, in equity and debt capital markets. Additionally, we support select small cap public or large private companies interested to pursue lines of exploration with the aim to acquire companies with us as a buy-side advisor. 

We have seen repeated and continued success from sharpening our focus on what we know well — and have not been shy about deferring opportunities in cases where we cannot reasonably expect to have significant impact as an advisor. As our current and former clients, and close network, will attest, this means we take pride in delivering frank feedback — where we think a clients expectations are off, or strategy could be adjusted — such that a process is run efficiently to conclusion to the satisfaction of management and the shareholders. When we are at our best, we are market makers, coming up with ideas and helping put the pieces into place. We continue to enjoy the work and look forward to the next generation of companies interested to look at what might be done.

Our Other Ventures