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Progress Partners is a boutique investment firm based in Boston and New York City providing financial advisory services to companies in media, marketing, advertising, and software.

Beet.TV Coverage of Progress Connect 2016: IRIS.TV on Machine Learning Yields Personalized Video Streams

Boston, MA - Akin to what Pandora has done with streaming music, IRIS.TV brings adapted machine learning to video viewing preferences. Its white-label solution, licensed to digital publishers, uses artificial intelligence to create a “personalized viewing experience for every viewer,” according to CEO and Co-Founder Field Garthwaite. 

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Beet.TV Coverage of Progress Connect 2016: Pixability Looking To Add More Social Platforms, Sees Possibilities In OTT, CEO Hein

Boston, MA - When placing video ads inside walled digital gardens, should you engage those gardens directly or through an intermediary? The direct route, according to Pixability’s Bettina Hein, comes with a fox and a henhouse. 

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Beet.TV Coverage of Progress Connect: Progress Partners Sees ‘Tectonic’ Shift, Deal Opportunities As Digital And TV Collide

Boston, MA – As digital media collide with traditional TV, the result is a tectonic shift that provides opportunities for companies with data, software and other workflow solutions. Playing matchmaker between large incumbents and tech entrepreneurs is Progress Partners, which recently gathered some 275 participants to “talk about the unusual suspects,” according to Davis Rosborough.

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Spotlight: How To Form a Distributed Content Strategy

Ron Stitt argues that broadcasters should without question embrace distributed content opportunities, both with major players like Facebook and via collaborative networks of other first-party publishers. Developing the right organizational support and workflows to manage the strategy is the key first step.

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Beet.TV Coverage of Progress Connect 2016: Videa Aims For Efficiency And Scale In Local Television Advertising Inventory

Boston, MA – Shereta Williams is hoping that 2017 will mark the tipping point for scaled advertising inventory from local television stations, whose power has been diminished by competing and often more efficient media.

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Spotlight: Don't Even Think About Dropping Your User

Ron Stitt argues that killing user commenting on publishers’ owned-and-operated sites is about the worst move they can make, as it sabotages one of their best means of engagement. That engagement has a big impact on KPIs like low bounce rates and extended time on site, he says.

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