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Progress Partners is a boutique investment firm based in Boston and New York City providing financial advisory services to companies in media, marketing, advertising, and software.

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Davis Rosborough Interviewed for Axial's Forum on Growth Strategy: Debt or Equity?

If your business is considering raising capital, one of the first questions to consider is whether to seek equity, debt, or a combination. In May 2017, Axial asked four investment bankers, including our own Davis Rosborough (VP, Progress Partners), to share their thoughts on the most important factor CEOs and CFOs should consider when making this decision.

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Davis Rosborough's Interview at Tru Optik's 2017 INFronts Lounge

Davis Rosborough (Vice President of Progress Partners) takes a look into the future: discovery and relevance are more important to the user than the delivery mode. The audience will increasingly decide on their own what is premium content.

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Beet.TV Coverage of Progress Connect 2016: Publishers Suffering ‘Data Leakage’ with DashBid CEO Herman

Boston, MA - If data is “the new oil”, it pays not to spill any. But publishers are too readily emptying the can over to middlemen who are taking its value for themselves. That’s according to one boss whose position at the top of a programmatic video ad platform has led him to conclude publishers need to keep hold of the liquid gold.

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Beet.TV Coverage of Progress Connect 2016: Massive’s Drosin Sees TV Ads At The Fabric Of UId

Boston, MA - We’ve had pre-roll, post-roll, mid-roll, in- and out-stream. But what if the future of video advertising lay more closely at the heart of the media that carry it? That is what’s on the mind of Alex Drosin, the co-founder of a tech company helping build mobile and TV apps for TV operators and content owners around the world.

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Beet.TV Coverage of Progress Connect 2016: Rebundling The Bundle In TV’s Golden Era with MediadTV’s Morgan

Boston, MA -  If you think paying $100 a month for a mega suite of 500 channels, most of which you never watch, is overkill, you’re not alone. That’s why we are seeing the rise of the so-called “skinny bundle”, a cut-down cable package which operators hope can reduce cord cutting. 

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Beet.TV Coverage of Progress Connect 2016: Fidelity’s Speros, Out Of Great Risk Taking Comes Great Creativity

Boston, MA - First it was “Reach out and touch someone” for AT&T and now the ubiquitous “Green Line” for Fidelity Investments. Jim Speros had a hand in both creative endeavors, along the way refining his definition of creativity. 

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Beet.TV Coverage of Progress Connect 2016: How To Turn Mobile App Users Before They Churn with Localytics’ Aggarwal

Boston, MA - Not that long ago, the biggest challenge with apps used to be getting people to download them. Now churn is “the single biggest problem in mobile,” according to Raj Aggarwal of Localytics.

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Beet.TV Coverage of Progress Connect 2016: From MAC To IP And Beyond, MODI’s Bologna Surveys Addressable TV Future

Boston, MA - To the uninitiated, Media Access Control could sound like something they’d like to be able to do during political campaigns. But as television content and advertising continue to go over-the-top, the household set-top box identifier known as MAC is slowly giving way to IP addresses and other alternatives.

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Beet.TV Coverage of Progress Connect 2016: As Advertising Follows Content, Expect More Addressable Options with’s Ackerman

Boston, MA - In the media business, being in the television is like being in the kitchen—to the 100th power. Which is one of the reasons Dan Ackerman joined from a long stint at AOL. Like many others, he was frustrated about trying to make sense out of all the disparate data sources that might somehow shed light on how people consume content and advertising.

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Beet.TV Coverage of Progress Connect 2016: Confirming User Identity Key Concern In Mobile Marketing with Syniverse’s Clark

Boston, MA – Being able to touch more than seven billion mobile devices around the world isn’t difficult when you are telecom company Syniverse. It’s making sure you’re touching the right person that is a big focus these days, according to CMO Mary Clark.

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Beet.TV Coverage of Progress Connect 2016: Tru Optik Mines Behavioral, Demographic And Purchase Data For OTT Cloud

Boston, MA - Despite the prevalence of binge viewing, as recently as 2015 marketers and media companies weren’t overly concerned about a shift to over-the-top viewing. “What we’re seeing is more of a sense of urgency in terms of trying to figure out how to measure, segment and do attribution as marketing dollars are starting to shift to over the top,” says Andre Swanston, CEO and Co-Founder of data and technology provider Tru Optik.

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Beet.TV Coverage of Progress Connect: Progress Partners Sees ‘Tectonic’ Shift, Deal Opportunities As Digital And TV Collide

Boston, MA – As digital media collide with traditional TV, the result is a tectonic shift that provides opportunities for companies with data, software and other workflow solutions. Playing matchmaker between large incumbents and tech entrepreneurs is Progress Partners, which recently gathered some 275 participants to “talk about the unusual suspects,” according to Davis Rosborough.

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Beet.TV Coverage of Progress Connect 2016: Videa Aims For Efficiency And Scale In Local Television Advertising Inventory

Boston, MA – Shereta Williams is hoping that 2017 will mark the tipping point for scaled advertising inventory from local television stations, whose power has been diminished by competing and often more efficient media.

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