Progress Partners Named in Axial’s 2017 Top 100 Most Recommended Middle Market Investment Banks and Advisors

New York, NY ? February 28, 2017 ? Progress Partners was recently named as one of Axial’s 2017 Top 100 most recommended middle market buyside investment banks and advisors in the US according to their survey of 1,000 private equity firms, strategic acquirers, and family offices. 

In their inaugural list, Axial asked, of investment banks and advisors headquartered in the US, who do these individuals and companies “trust and respect most when transacting in the middle market.” In the end, Axial compiled a list of 120 banks and advisory firms located across the US and maintaining a wide breadth of transaction experience and industry expertise and narrowed it down from there. Progress Partners was identified as one of those most respected and trusted firms.

Axial noted, “In the middle market, new boutique investment banks and advisory firms spring up all the time. The growing number and diversity of firms can make it difficult for business owners to find a trusted partner when it?s time to transact. It can also pose a challenge for investors and buyers looking to stay abreast of relevant deal flow.” Instead of analyzing deal data or other subjective qualifications, Axial used referrals as the criteria to develop this list of banks and firms from “the very people who have worked both alongside and across the negotiating table from countless advisors.” 

About Axial

Axial is a multi-sided network made up of middle market investors, advisors, and CEOs. Their members leverage the network to make better connections, conduct research more efficiently, and close deals faster. For more information, visit their website:

Read the announcement and download the report here.